Creating a Newsletter for the First Time

At Central Washington University, I am involved with many clubs on campus; one in particular is Candlelight: Suicide Prevention and Anti-Bullying Club. Some friends and I started this last Fall to help students at Central to learn about the signs of suicide and to help people stand up to bullies and hopefully help this school become a better place.

This Spring has been our first real quarter to get the club off the ground and we have been collaborating with other clubs to get the group and our cause out there.

I’ve been trying to get the people who signed up for the meeting minutes and when our next meeting is, and so I decided to create a newsletter with pictures and some details about what we have been doing out around the school to get the students aware.

It was fairly simple thanks to Microsoft Word Templates and already having a good idea of what I wanted to write and put on there. I surprised the President of Candlelight with this because she has been trying to figure out a way to get the students interested and loved the idea, so once I do some editing and double check everything it will be sent out with the next meeting minutes!! I’m really happy that she was pleased with my work and it actually does look very professional and intriguing.

In the next issue I’m planning to find a template with more pages (this one had 4 pages) so that I can add facts and other information about trying to prevent suicide and bullying. We are working with our school’s counseling center and wellness center to hopefully get more support about our cause.

Until the end of May, which is when the next newsletter will go out, I plan on researching more techniques to help make this thing awesome and hopefully have the effect that we want. I know this is fairly simple but for a small club like ours, I’m hopping it will help us because we need more members to keep the club going next year.

Wish me luck!

About mercyxfoster

I'm a junior and Public Relations Major at Central Washington University.
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