First Amendment – Free Speech

Do y’all believe that everyone has the right to say what they think?

Should everyone have the right to say what the believe if what they believe is the genocide of millions of people? 

In America, do fascists have the right to stand on the corner and say what they believe? Even if it is the extinction of Jewish people and gay people? The world has gone through genocide by them once before, would you allow them to speak about that genocide and more to come freely on the street?


The answer to all of the above should be: yes. 


Reason being that even though they may be saying the world thing in the world and you absolutely hate it, you let them say it so that you can stand 20 feet down the sidewalk and say what you think about life and maybe appose what they are thinking. If they don’t have the right to speak, someone else could come along and hear you talking about whatever topic that you have and shut you down. 

In order for you to have the right to speak, you have to let those that you hate speak their mind too.

There will always be someone that doesn’t share your view, that could stop you from saying what you want.

That’s a perk of living in America, we can say what we like; while people in other countries will be killed for saying what they think or believe. 

Also, this free speech is contributed to power-distance in other cultures as well, America as a culture has low power-distance which means that an employee can go to their employer and say that they have a problem with the schedule to get their task done on time. High power-distance means that even in the same situation, if the employee thinks that they can’t finish a task on time, even if the employer asks “will you get this done on time?” the employee will say yes; even if the employer says: “Do you have a problem getting your project done on time?” the employee will say no. (Random tangent, but I think it’s relevant.)

What do y’all think?? I’m curious. There is always a wide variety of opinion on this topic…

About mercyxfoster

I'm a junior and Public Relations Major at Central Washington University.
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